You Know You’re From West Virginia If…

We’re going to visit some family in West Virginia this weekend! I have lived in North Carolina for 9 years now and although it took some adjusting, NC now feels like home to me but West Virginia is where I was born and raised.

I grew up in a single-wide trailer set up in my grandparent’s yard. Our street was gravel and we were related to everyone on our street, (it was actually named after my cousin). My family had lived in our little neighborhood called Benton’s Ferry for years and everyone wondered why it wasn’t called Linnville since it was filled with Linns. We did have a cemetery named after my many many great-great-grandfather, Samuel Linn Cemetery. We used to hang out in it as kids, (we were weirdos haha).

I’m very much from West Virginia and do/say aaalllll of these things on my “You know you’re from West Virginia if….” list!

You know you’re from West Virginia if…

You measure distance by time. If you tell me something is five miles away, I have no idea what that even means. How long will it take me to drive that fair? Is that close?

You call shopping carts “buggies.” Joel always makes fun of me for this one. I will never not call it a buggy.

You speak in incomplete sentences. Joel and I still have miscommunications because of this. I say “The floor needs swept.” but I guess the correct way is “The floor NEEDS TO BE swept.” Are the extra words really necessary though?! like really?

You love and crave pepperoni rolls. If you’re not from WV you may not know what a pepperoni roll is and I feel sorry for you. Just kidding, well, not really. They’re amazing and everyone deserves to experience the deliciousness or a warm homemade pepperoni roll. I’ve tried to find them here in NC and when I ask anyone they have no idea what I’m talking about or they think I’m talking about a calzone.

When you hear Charleston you think of the WV capitol not SC.

You call winter hats a toboggan. Some people get confused when we talk about putting a toboggan on our heads because apparently a toboggan is a sled to everyone else.

Which ones do you do and are you from WV?

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