Affordable High-Quality Ethical Jewelry

Beauty is who you are, jewelry is icing on the cake.

I always underestimated the importance of accessories, specifically jewelry. After years of “fashion” blogging, I finally realized that you’re never fully dressed without jewelry. Now I feel naked if I don’t at least have a necklace and earrings. Jewelry adds an extra layer to your outfit and enhances the sparkle in your eye.

Jewelry is such a small detail that has such a great impact especially when it is unique or has personal meaning behind it. Something as symbolic as jewelry needs to be high-quality so that you can carry it with you through life. But as you know, we really value affordability here. High-quality jewelry made with precious metals does not have to cost a fortune which is why I’m sharing a couple of new high-quality affordable pieces I just got in from Rellery.

Outfit Details: Pearl Flower Pendant Necklace // Rope Huggies Earrings // My Dress // Catalina’s Dress

Rope Huggies

These beautiful small hoops have been my go-to everyday earrings. They look so pretty with everything. These earrings are made of 18k gold over sterling silver. Rellery only uses precious metals so they are hypoallergenic. Rellery also offers a lifetime Tarnish Guarantee so you can bet your jewelry will keep its beautiful shine.

Flower Pendant On Pearl Necklace

I love pearls so I had to get this freshwater pearl pendant necklace! Rellery sells a lot of different charms you can get to add to your necklaces so you can customize and add to them. I love how their products are strong yet still dainty. That way you get high-quality jewelry that still looks elegant. The reason Rellery’s high-quality jewelry is offered at such an affordable price is that their sales are direct and ethically sourced in the USA.

Rellery has beautiful collections or anklets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms so you’re sure to find something for all of your jewelry needs! Their packaging is also darling and comes looking beautiful and ready to gift.

Thank you to Rellery for sponsoring this post!

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