Top 10 Gifts For The Trendy Baby In Your Life

I love trendy baby and children products and toys and I think that a lot of moms really appreciate aesthetically pleasing toys seeing as their homes will be littered with them.   I always try to get kids gifts that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the floor at my house and that I think are actually really nice looking toys that babies will also find interesting!

HABA Magica Clutching Toy Made in Germany (ooh fancy).

Now you can totally be that parent that brags about their children’s interesting foreign toys.  (You know those parents, the ones that annoy the shit out of us but their kids really do have the coolest toys, we just won’t ever admit it to them)…

Trendy Toys


Wooden Name Puzzle

This puzzle is actually really great due to it’s ability to grow with your child!  When they’re smaller they can practice putting the pieces into the correct shape and then eventually use this in learning to read their name!

Wooden Toys

Llama Shaker

This one makes no sense and that’s what I love about it.

Unique Baby Toys

Little Toader Teething Broccoli Bites!

At first thought, I found this a teether weird but the more I thought about it the idea of getting your child to become accustomed to chewing on broccoli isn’t a bad idea!

Cool toys

Sugarbooger Silicone Teether

I know, I know; there are plenty of silicone teethers out there but seriously, show me a cuter pair. I’ll wait…

Baby Gifts


Kate Quinn Organics 

I’ll be honest, the idea of organic toys and teething toys (anything that goes in a baby’s mouth) makes perfect sense to me.  What I don’t quite understand is organic clothing but hey, it’s adorable and I really love it!  There are also so many adorable patterns from this brand, stylish tiny humans and their parents will appreciate this.




Apple Park Organic Farm Buddies Blankie

As I said, this makes perfect sense due to the fact it has a 99.99% chance of ending up in a child’s mouth. Good thing it’s organic!

Organic Organic


All Natural Edible Finger Paint!

Another product that kids love to eat.  This would have saved me a lot of trouble since my son liked to pretend to eat paint just so he could watch me have a heart attack.  Now I get to call his #callyabluff.  #Luda

All Natural


Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 

Amber is supposedly useful in aiding with pain management and I just read that it can help with anxiety and fatigue, so sign me up!  I am actually thinking of getting one for myself…



Evenflo Feeding Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are a great way to prevent toxicity and the breakdown of some plastics and be nice to the environment at the same time!

Baby Bottles  Baby Gear


These are just a few of the trendy/crunchy toys that I found online!  My mother-in-law told me that she wishes that there was stylish baby gear when she had kids instead of the intense primary-colored plastic toys.



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