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Designer Bag Dupes For Winter

It’s been a while since we had an updates dupe post so I thought I’d share some luxury designer bag dupes that are perfect to carry this winter season! When I think of winter fashion I always think of dark and neutral colors, (with some pops of red)! SO I rounded up these dupes in

Designer iPhone & AirPod Case Dupes

I have been wanting a Louis Vuitton phone case but my cases always get so dinged up, stained, and scratched I just can’t bring myself to buy an expensive one. I love splurging on bags but I don’t want to splurge on small items like phone cases and accessories, ya know what I mean? So

Where To Buy Designer Dupes | The Best Websites For Dupes

DHgate This is where I have found a ton of knock offs, if you type in “purse” you’re sure to come across multiple bag dupes! Gucci Dupes on DHgate Louis Vuitton Dupes on Dhgate Dior Dupes on DHgate More Designer Dupes on DHgate Etsy Most things I’ve found on Etsy are “designer inspired” but there

Designer Wallet Dupes

I have plenty of designer bags and accessory dupe posts but haven’t shared very many designer wallet dupes. So here are some adorably stylish designer wallet dupes to go with all of your bags! Louis Vuitton Wallet Dupes Louis Vuitton wallets are the easiest to find in so many different colors and patterns! Gucci Wallet

Designer Bag Dupes On DhGate

I’ve done some separate dupe posts from different brands but figured it might be easier to have a post with multiple designer bag dupes! Dhgate has some of the best dupes I’ve seen. While I haven’t tried them for myself yet Dhgate dupes they have great reviews from people who buy from them regularly. Louis

Dior Bag, Shoe, & Accessory Dupes

More designer dupes for you! I’ve found some great Dior dupes for the saddlebag, totes, and shoes. I also featured some Dior inspired accessories available on Etsy. Dior Saddlebag Dupe Love the shape of the Dior saddle bag purses and wallets! These saddlebag dupes look so nice! Dior Tote Dupe I’ve seen so many fashion

Hermes Birkin Dupes | Designer Bag Dupes

The iconic Hermes Birkin bag. Sleek, simple, sophisticated, and stunning. A goal of mine is to be able to own one someday but let’s be real, I will not be dropping $10k+ on a bag anytime soon! Even if I could there are a lot more things I’d rather get for that price. But, if

Chanel Bag Dupes

Are y’all tired of designer dupes yet? I’m so excited to have found a new site that has even more dupes so I’m trying to get them all up for ya. Today I’ve got some Chanel bag dupes for you. Check out my other designer dupe posts to find knockoffs of different luxury brands. Diamond

Michael Kors Dupes on DHgate

I found a few Michael Kors dupes to share with ya! I only found one bag dupe but I did find many Michael Kors wallet and jewelry dupes. Happy shopping! Michael Kors Wallet Dupes Michael Kors Earring Dupes Michael Kors Bracelet Dupes Michael Kors Necklace Dupes Michael Kors Dupes | Click Images To Shop! More