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Wellness Gift Guide

Self-care is vital and prioritizing your well being is a must.  Not only should we do it for ourselves but we should encourage our friends and family to focus on their wellness and health.  Today I’ve rounded up some of the highest rated health and wellness gifts from Amazon.  They are perfect for the wellness obsessed

Valentine’s Day Gifts Women Will Love!

As a lady, I feel like I have a pretty good insight into what women want for Valentine’s Day. I hope this Valentine’s Day gift guide helps you out in finding the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend! Barefoot Dreams Blanket These leopard print throw blankets are all the rage on Instagram right now!

Top 5 Places To Get Personalized Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Receiving a gift from someone always feels thoughtful. Especially if your love language is “gifts” like mine! When someone gives me something they picked out for me, it makes me feel like they were thinking of me and took the time to find something they thought I would like. Since my love language is gifts,

Amazon Prime Gifts For Your Minecraft Loving Creative Kid

My 7-year-old son LOVES Minecraft. He is super creative and loves building and designing things with any materials he can get ahold of. Here are some awesome gifts that your kid who loves Minecraft will be so excited to open! Legos The obvious gift for a creative kid is Legos. Even better, Minecraft Lego sets!

5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts Under $50

Well, it’s November so that basically means it’s Christmas right?! I personally think it’s never too early to be on the lookout for some holiday gifts. My love language is gifts so I love getting gifts but also giving them! I try to put a lot of thought into gifts I give people, even when

Gifts For Leopard Print Lovers!

You know I’m a fan of leopard print. (Some say cheetah) but whatever it is, I love it! If you’re reading this then you probably know someone who is a leopard print lover and you’re looking for the perfect gift for them. Or you’re a leopard print lover looking for a gift for yourself! Either