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Maxi Skirt Summer Vibes

May 19, 2017
Jessica Linn from the lifestyle and fashion blog Linn Style wearing a green maxi skirt from Target, and tan tank top from Target, Baublebar earrings, a Kendra Scott bracelet, Charming Charlie sunglasses and carrying a Matt and Nat purse. 17 weeks pregnant maternity pregnancy clothes and style.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another outfit of the day post! I found my skirt, tank top, and earrings on sale at Target.  The skirt is so comfortable but is way too long for me to keep below my bump.  I kept stepping on it and almost tripping, but on the upside I did get to walk around holding it up like a princess, so that’s something.  I wore it with a simple tan colored tank top and added…

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8 of the Weirdest/ Most Interesting Pregnancy and Baby Products

May 18, 2017
Jessica Linn from the Lifestyle blog Linn Style sharing 8 weird and interesting baby and pregnancy products.

Bola Musical Necklace When I first saw this necklace online, I thought it played whatever music you wanted by connecting to your phone.  Apparently, that is not what the bola necklace is.  It makes a chiming noise that is supposed to be calming and soothing for the mother, and the baby can hear it as well.  I am actually really curious about this and what it actually sound like.  Looks like I might order one and test it out! Designer…

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T-Shirt Dress With a Pop of Turquoise

May 15, 2017
North Carolina lifestyle and fashion blogger, Jessica Linn, on Linn Style wearing a black t-shirt dress from Target, tan sandals from Forever21, Baublebar necklace, and carrying a Matt and Nat purse.

As I mentioned in a previous post, getting dressed lately is so difficult so I have been living in dresses.  With the breast growth and bellow growth, some days I feel huge and like everything is unflattering on me so I was surprised by how I felt in this t-shirt dress!  I put it on and remarked “I don’t look like a baby whale in this!”  It was a good day.  This dress is so comfortable too, it feels almost…

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Fashion Featured

Faux Leather With a Side of Pink

May 14, 2017
Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger, Jessica Linn, wearing a faux leather Forever21 dress, ASOS heels, a statement necklace from Target, earrings from the Baublebar, and carrying a Matt and Nat purse.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post!  If you’re new here, my name is Jessica and I’m glad that you stumbled across my small corner of the internet and hope you stick around! Getting dressed lately has been a bit of a struggle.  I’m almost 17 weeks pregnant and some days I am showing quite a bit and other days not so much.  My current struggle at the moment is pants!  I can’t button my regular pants any more…

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What To Wear To A Spring/Summer Wedding

May 7, 2017
Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jessica Linn from Linn Style guide on what to wear to a spring and summer wedding

This is something that I used to freak out about so I’m thinking (hoping) I’m not the only one! It’s a fine balance, especially if you are close to the bride, you want to look great but not too great since the bride and her dress need to be the standout obviously. In my book their are 3 rules for how to look your best at a wedding without seeming like you’re trying to upset the bride. 1. Don’t wear…

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