Collecting Art from Etsy on a Budget: Affordable and Unique Pieces for Your Collection

I came across @clairesfinds TikTok Etsy art series and immediately binge-watched all of her videos. She shares original artwork she finds on Etsy in different price ranges. She shares art under $50, art under $100, and splurge-worthy original art, all available on Etsy! That is something I love about the internet is how accessible so many things have become. Now artists can go directly to buyers through platforms like Etsy and social media networks. Claire inspired me to start my own little original art collection of small artists I find on Etsy, and I wanted to share some of my finds with you! I know literally nothing about art, but I don’t think you need to in order to enjoy and collect it. Sometimes I think people who do know a lot about art get in their own way and don’t collect what they like because it’s not “correct” or it doesn’t fit their arbitrary definition of what art is supposed to be.

I have found some great pieces of art on Etsy for under $100! This is a great way to start collecting original art or to add to your collection without breaking the bank. I love that you can find such unique and affordable art pieces on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

My favorite artists on Etsy!

Jen Hestad has immediately become one of my favorite artists! We just bought a house that has the most beautiful ponds all over the property, and I’m obsessed with the lily pads. The waterlilies are so beautiful, and I wanted to buy the house before even seeing the inside! So I have found myself incredibly drawn to paintings of lily pads. Many of Jen Hestad’s paintings available on her Etsy shop, Jen Paints Sometimes, features a lot of lily pads. I bought a small round lily pad painting from her and am obsessed with the beautiful colors she uses. It is so dreamy! I actually just ordered a second painting from her shop.

Momo Rogers, or Momo528 on Etsy, is another one of my favorite artists I’ve found on the platform. Her paintings are so fun and whimsical, I want to hang them in my daughter’s room. She also has a lot of lily pad paintings I’ve been saving! Her mini paintings are also so pretty and would make for fun gifts!

Another artist I found on Etsy that I love is Rachel Lovell. Her landscape paintings give me all the fuzzy feelings. I literally want to live inside of them. They are so calming and beautiful. She puts a lot of them in pretty vintage frames too!

Original Paintings Under $100

I’ve started small with my original artwork collection, so everything I have bought has been around, or below $100 they are smaller in size but still so stunning! Quality over quantity. The three artists I mentioned have many small paintings under $100, so some of their work is included here!

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