Gifts For Leopard Print Lovers!

You know I’m a fan of leopard print. (Some say cheetah) but whatever it is, I love it! If you’re reading this then you probably know someone who is a leopard print lover and you’re looking for the perfect gift for them. Or you’re a leopard print lover looking for a gift for yourself! Either way, I got you covered!

Under $20

I love these super cute reusable plastic leopard print straws! They would make an adorable stocking stuffer for leopard print lovers.

This leopard print stainless steel tumbler is my favorite cup ever! It’s insulated and can be used for hot or cold drinks but I just use it for ice water and it keeps it cold literally all day. There is still ice in it by the end of the day.

If your leopard print lover has long hair then they will love this leopard wet brush. I can never go back to brushing my hair with anything but a wet brush. It is so much more gentle and better for your hair. The bristles are flexible to reduce pulling and breakage as it untangles hair.

This 3 pack leopard print scrunchy set is such a cute stocking stuffer!

Home Decor Gifts

Love this customized Christmas ornament with a leopard ribbon. Makes for a cute hostess gift!

I might need to get myself this leopard/cheetah Olivia Wendel blanket. It would look so cute on my couch.

Amazon has some adorable and inexpensive leopard print home decor pieces. I want these soft leopard print pillows and this throw blanket.

Leopard Print Clothing

I am obsessed with this raspberry leopard print sweater from my store! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it and it is so versatile. You can wear it off the shoulder or tie it in the front. You can wear during the fall and winter with jeans or leggings or it would be adorable over a swimsuit or with shorts in the spring and summer since it is lightweight! It’s a gift any leopard print lover would love and get so much use out of.

These leopard print pajama pants look so cute and comfy, and most of the 20,000+ reviewers seem to agree!

Loving this mascara, leggings and leopard t shirt too!

Leopard Print Shoes

I’ve been wanting a pair of Golden Goose sneakers so when I finally take the plunge (or get them as a gift, hint hint, Joel) I want this pink leopard print pair!

Joel got me these leopard print New Balance sneakers and I wear them pretty much every day! They are so comfortable and such a neutral leopard print that they look good with just about everything!

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